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Located in the South of Brazil, the island of Florianópolis is a touristic holiday destination, featuring 60 amazing beaches and rich cultural history. Florianópolis is also the capital city for the state of Santa Catarina, with a population of nearly half million people.

Florianópolis, nick-named Floripa, received multiple unofficial titles, such as:

The New York Times (2009)

“Party Destination of the Year”

The New York Times (2009)
Newsweek (2006)

“Ten most dynamic cities of the world”

Newsweek (2006)
Veja Magazine

“The best place to live in Brazil”

Veja Magazine

which makes it a second home for many South-Brazilians, including your conference Chair.

Florianópolis experiences a warm humid subtropical climate. High season for tourism are the months of January and February, which are the typical holiday months for Brazilians. However, in April 2018, attendees of ICVRAM-ISUMA-UNCERTAINTIES are expected to enjoy the best climate of the island, where high temperatures intersect low precipitation.

Florianópolis features an Airport connecting it to the main Brazilian cities, including a dozen of daily flights to the international hubs of Guarulhos or GRU (São Paulo) and Galeão or GIG (Rio de Janeiro). Flight time from these hubs to Floripa is around one-and-a-half hours.

Touristic attractions include the 60 amazing beaches – you are sure to find one of your taste – and rich cultural inheritance. The local “Manézinhos” are the Brazilian adaptation of Azores villagers, who immigrated to the island in the mid-18th century. Traditional villages such as Santo Antônio de Lisboa and Ribeirão da Ilha still resist the advances of modernity, preserving the colonial lifestyle and architecture. Fishermen and their fishing boats are still common sights around the island. Folklore and cuisine will complete your cultural experience.

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